The right people, for the right job.

About Woods & Co

Delivering results beyond expectation

Woods & Co is a Melbourne based recruitment agency, striving to deliver results beyond expectation to both job seekers and employers.

Building long-term relationships

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with all of our clients based upon ongoing success in matching job vacancies with the most appropriate candidates, in a timely and cost effective manner.


Roster Instability

Shift-work presents a constant rostering challenge for managers.

Skills Shortage

Severe undersupply of skilled staff has venues in constant search.

Inflexible Workplaces

Managers lack tools to satisfy staff's need for flexibility

Unprepared for Gen Z

They expect flexibility, empowerment, live\work balance, apps.

Exploited Workers

Underpayment is rife in hospitality and workers deserve better.

Industry going Cashless

Paying wages in cash is being phased out by cashless trend.

Black Market

Fair Work is now targeting illegal 'off the books' staffing.

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